If you’re an educator, below are some great forestry resources to incorporate into your classroom or curriculum.
Meet the Tiny Timber Crew!

Lucy Meets a Logger

Join Lucy as she meets Mr. Logger and friends and learns all about logging! Learn how the forests are kept healthy and replenished. Find out what kinds of items come from trees-the answers may surprise you! **Available in Spanish

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Travis Visits a Tree Farm

Join Travis as he and his classmates visit a great big tree farm and learn all about working forests! Find out how forests are taken care of for different goals and learn all about a tree farmer’s many important jobs!

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Lucy conoce a un Talador

¡Únase a Lucy mientras conoce al Sr. Logger y sus amigos y aprende todo sobre la tala! Aprenda cómo los bosques se mantienen saludables y se reponen. Descubra qué tipos de objetos provienen de los árboles. ¡Las respuestas pueden sorprenderle!

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Sam Visits a Sawmill

Join Sam as she takes a tour of a sawmill! Learn all about manufacturing, as well as the people and machines that make forest products for us. Discover alongside Sam how trees are turned into products that we use every single day.

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Forest Worker Certificate Program

Program Overview

The High School Forest Worker Certificate Program was developed to prepare workers for employment in the nation's green industry. Employment opportunities vary greatly and include jobs in logging, forest management, timber procurement, sawmills, plywood mills, pulp and paper mills and a wide variety of companies that provide goods and services to the forest industry. This program provides teachers and students curriculum, learning resources and online testing options. Visit you state's homepage to learn more on how to get involved.

Participating states:
Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky

How to Offer to Students

In order for an educator to offer the Forest Worker Certificate to their students as an approved credential, the educator must attend a Forest Worker Certificate Teacher's Workshop. Teachers must be re-certified every 5 years to continue offering the Forest Worker Credential. Workshops are available to teachers in person in Alabama, Kentucky Tennessee and North Carolina.