ForestryWorks® is constantly working to develop training programs to give potential workers the skills and knowledge needed to fill in-demand jobs in the forest industry. Training programs are developed to fill gaps not covered by technical schools, colleges and universities or on-the-job training.

“It’s not work, but a job where I’m playing on big boy toys every day. I’ll never work a day in my life because I’m doing what I love.”

Mack | 2019 Logging School Graduate

Logging Equipment Operator School

The Forest Workforce Training Institute’s Logging Equipment Operator Training School is a four-week program designed to equip students to become a logging equipment operator with all necessary safety certifications as well as Professional Logging Manager (PLM) status. 

Available in:

High School Forest Worker Certificate Program

The Forest Worker Certificate Program was developed to prepare future workers for employment in one of the nation's largest industries. Employment opportunities vary greatly and include jobs in logging, forest management, timber procurement, sawmills, plywood mills, pulp and paper mills and a wide variety of companies that provide goods and services to the forest industry.​​​

Participating states:

Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina