Production Manager

Resolute Forest Products

Grenada, MS


Competitive Salary

Primary Purpose
To lead, direct and coordinate the activities of the Paper Machine, TMP Pulp Mill, Utilities, Woodyard and Finishing Departments so that the goals of safety, environmental, quality, productivity and cost are achieved.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Safety Leader – 0.0 Incident. Uphold the company’s number one value. Responsible to lead and hold department managers accountable for upholding the highest priority core value. Responsible to coach the development of the 360, 7 Reflex process.
2. Environmental Leader – 0.00 Level I & II, < 5 Level III. Uphold the company environmental policy and ensure environmental compliance with all planned work involving the mill environmental systems. Responsible to ensure that all reporting departments environmentally comply. Responsible to ensure the Grenada team upholds the community environmental relationship.
3. Production Manager – > 90% AE. Provide leadership and guidance to the department managers and shift managers so that effort is unified as one team towards the common goals, especially absolute efficiency. Responsible to coach and lead troubleshooting efforts that end in true root cause. Lead department managers to seek system solutions that will persevere. Responsible to coordinate the departments to have firm, fair and consistent policies. Responsible to creatively develop work systems with the department managers so that training and development is achieved at an accelerated rate.
4. Capital Project Leader – > 99% Up time – projects improve up time, lower manufacture cost – project reduce operating cost. Responsible to work with area managers to develop capital priorities for each area. Responsible to set and prioritize the final capital project list for the mill. Responsible to develop 5 year capital strategy to secure the mills future.
5. Business Manager – STIP > 100%. Maintain Grenada low-cost position. Set Operating and maintenance budgets. Exceed operating budgets. Responsible to lead department managers to work within budget constraints. Responsible to lead and develop department managers to make bets of beating budget, less than one year POT, and track the outcome.

Knowledge and Experience

Combination of technical education – 4 year college degree or practical experience.
• 8-10 years in a progressively responsible management position related to operations in paper manufacturing.
• Good written and verbal communications skills.
• Leadership and teamwork skills.
• Trouble shooting (process focus) skills.