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Are you one of the thousands of companies across the U.S. looking for truck drivers?

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Stephanie Fuller

Are you one of the thousands of companies across the U.S. looking for truck drivers?

If your answer is YES then sign up to be on our contact list when we have drivers looking for employment in your area. In January 2020 we launched a truck driver recruitment campaign specific to the forestry and forest products industry. Once a potential driver contacts us, we’ll send out an email to everyone on the list in the locations in which drivers indicate they would like to work. Currently available in Alabama and Tennessee.

How are we doing this?

We are running extensive ad campaigns targeting current long-haul truck drivers with at least 5 years of over the road experience who are interested in driving in our industry.

What about the insurance issues with hiring someone with no log truck experience?

We hear it all the time - “But I can’t get a driver on my insurance unless they have at least 3 years of experience hauling logs.”

We are working on finding solutions for this with local insurance carriers through a training or verification process in order to introduce “new” drivers into our workforce. In the meantime, talk to your insurance agent and see if they are able to extend a probationary period for a quality, experienced over-the-road driver even though they might not meet the “log experience” requirements. Many logging companies have agreements like this, or even provide in-house training and ride-along periods in order to get a driver the experience he or she needs. If a driver is not eligible to be insured to drive a log truck, they may be able to find employment in the forest industry hauling residual products and finished goods. 

How do I get on your contact list to get driver information?

Alabama employers click here

Tennessee employers click here.