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Author: Michael Sullivan

Apr 10, 2024

DULUTH, Minn. (April 1, 2024) - A coalition of forestry partners is proud to announce the official launch of the Minnesota ForestryWorks® program. ForestryWorks provides resources, job awareness, and educational opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing careers in forestry. The program will focus on fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders and addressing workforce development challenges to ensure the long-term sustainability of our forests and the communities that depend on them.

ForestryWorks began in Alabama in 2018 and has since expanded to eight other states. Major elements of the program include marketing campaigns, a forestry-based jobs board, outreach into schools, and job training programs.

"We are delighted to introduce the Minnesota ForestryWorks program, which represents a significant milestone in our commitment to supporting the forestry sector in Minnesota," said Rick Horton, Executive Vice President of Minnesota Forest Industries. "This initiative underscores our dedication to promoting responsible forestry practices and creating pathways for individuals to build rewarding careers in this vital industry."

"Forest products companies need skilled workers," said Ray Higgins of the Minnesota Timber Producers Association, a trade organization representing loggers, truckers, and other businesses in our state's forest products industry. "The ForestryWorks program has been successful in attracting workers to the woods in other states, and we look forward to that same success in meeting workforce development opportunities here in Minnesota."

Leading the initiative of Minnesota ForestryWorks is Program Manager Michael Sullivan, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Program Manager. With a background in business management, marketing and a passion for the workforce initiative in Minnesota, Sullivan is well-equipped to lead the program and drive positive change within the industry.

"I am honored to join Minnesota Forest Industries as the Program Manager for Minnesota ForestryWorks," said Sullivan. "I am eager to work collaboratively with industry partners, stakeholders, and communities to advance our shared goals of sustainability and workforce development in Minnesota's forestry sector."

Funding and support for Minnesota ForestryWorks comes from Minnesota Forest Industries, Minnesota Timber Producers Association, USDA Forest Service, Minnesota Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Forestry Division.

To learn more about the Minnesota ForestryWorks program and stay updated on job postings, upcoming events and initiatives, please visit www.forestryworks.com.