Forest Worker Spotlight: Wyatt Cain

Forest Worker Spotlight

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Forestry Worker Spotlight

Author: Jordan Littrell

Feb 17, 2024

Keeping it in the Family. See how Wyatt Cain is carrying on his families forestry traditions.

Wyatt is 18 years old and grew up in Lafayette, Alabama in a logging family. He graduated from Chambers Academy in May 2022 and is now working full time as a loader operator for Woodchop Timber, his father’s logging company which has been operating since 2003. Woodchop Timber operates two logging crews and one chipping crew. Wyatt’s day to day responsibilities in the woods are to merchandise and load timber onto the log trucks as well as perform maintenance on all of the equipment.

Although Wyatt has only officially been working full-time for the company since May he is no stranger to the logging woods. Growing up he would spend summers and afternoons visiting his father in the woods, these opportunities are what he credits for growing his passion for logging. When he turned 11 he was able to start helping out in the logging woods when not in school. Wyatt has always known he was going to be a logger and loves the chance to have a career outdoors that is always presenting him with new opportunities and challenges.

When asked what advice he would give another young person looking into a career in logging he said “it’s hard work and you have to have a good head on your shoulders, but it’s worth it”.

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