Forest Worker Spotlight: Kay Campbell


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Forestry Worker Spotlight

Author: Jordan Littrell

Feb 13, 2024

This one's for the girls! See how Kay Campbell is breaking barriers with her forestry career.

Kay is the lead procurement forester for Drax. For most foresters, the path to their career was straightforward and involved earning their forestry degree and obtaining a job in the industry. However, Campbell’s path was much more winding.

Growing up in Amite County, Mississippi, she dreamed of becoming a forester or wildlife biologist, but her father discouraged those paths because he did not feel they were acceptable jobs for a young lady. After years of trying other non-forestry jobs, Campbell eventually landed in a forestry career and realized that women can and do serve important roles in the industry.

Today, as lead procurement forester at the Drax-Gloster location, she is responsible for purchasing the green fiber at their Gloster site and regulating fiber flow and quality. She also manages their procurement budget and general contractor compliance and performs on the ground sustainability audits to ensure certification compliance.

Campbell says forestry gives her the opportunity to actively participate in the stewardship of forests and in keeping resources sustainable for future generations. 

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