Forest Worker Spotlight: Cal Logan

Forest Worker Spotlight

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Forestry Worker Spotlight

Author: Jordan Littrell

Feb 17, 2024

Like father, like son and grandson! See what 3rd generation forester Cal has to say about working with his family.

Meet Cal Logan, forester for Cliff A. Logan & Associates Forest Management, a forestry consulting company out of Eutaw, AL, that manages timberland for private landowners in West Alabama and East Mississippi.

Cal grew up in the forestry business. His father, Tony Logan, is a forester and his grandfather, Cliff Logan, was also a forester. His grandfather started their business back in the '60s. Cal attended forestry school at Auburn University and graduated last year.

Cal told us, "My job is to work with landowners to manage their timberlands. This involves meeting with them to establish their goals and to help them sell their timber at the highest value possible." This process includes laying out timber sales by flagging and using a GPS, making maps, cruising timber, meeting with timber buyers, negotiating or conducting timber sales, and overseeing all logging operations. Cal said that his job also includes working with dozer contractors, site preparation contractors, and tree planting contractors.

"I enjoy how each landowner and each tract of land is different and presents different obstacles every day. I also enjoy working with timber buyers and loggers to help achieve their goals. My absolute favorite part of my job though is the opportunity to work with the family business and to work on and learn the history of properties that our company has managed for over 50 years."

We ask Cal what advice he would give to anybody wanting to go into the forestry field and he said "to not think that all you will be working with is trees. The biggest part about being a forester is creating relationships and dealing with people, so practice your social skills any way you can and never be afraid to learn from those around you because there is always something to learn every day in this field."

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