Forest Worker Spotlight: Anthony Wheat

Forest Worker Spotlight

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Forestry Worker Spotlight

Author: Jordan Littrell

Feb 17, 2024

Not sure what kind of career you want? See how Anthony took a chance with a job a West Fraser and now loves what he does.

Meet Anthony Wheat, a 24 year old working for West Fraser Mills on the trimmer. Quality control is the top priority of his job on a daily basis, which means, ensuring lumber coming from the unscrambler machine is straight, of good length and well-cut.

When asked about what he liked most about his job his job in the mill he said that "a huge benefit of working in the sawmill is the opportunity for growth. I hope to work my way up to being a maintenance technician one day. But the best part of my job is the many different kinds of people I have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis."

Not having a background in the forest products industry Anthony finds it all very interesting. He was able to get this job after a friend of his who already worked in the mill recommended he apply because she liked her career so much.

We asked Anthony what advice he might have for anyone thinking about a career in the forest manufacturing sector and he said "If there was a young person looking to work in a career like mine I would tell them to definitely go for it. If they take the time for it and dedicate themselves it will definitely pay off."

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