Sector: Specialty

Game Warden

A game warden career could be for you if…
Your skills include active listening, critical thinking and decision making.
Your interests can be described as realistic and investigative.
Your values include support, independence and achievement.

Career Overview

Game wardens have a fulfilling and adventurous job that requires physical strength, integrity, and a strong sense of personal drive. They organize their law enforcement duties within a 40-hour work week, giving them a level of independence that is rare in most professions. The responsibilities of a fish and game warden include investigating hunting incidents and violations of fishing or game laws, as well as gathering evidence to present in court. They also oversee the issuance of hunting licenses and strive to ensure the safety and ethical treatment of animals during hunting season.

Other job titles include: fisheries enforcement officer, natural resource officer, state wildlife officer, wildlife conservation officer, wildlife officer.

Education and Training

While some states require a four-year bachelor's degree, others do not. Typically applicants will need at least a high school diploma, be in good physical condition and qualify for specialty training academies which vary by state.


National Average Annual Salary
$41,200.00 - $72,500.00
National Average Hourly Salary
$19.84 - $34.90
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