Sector: Manufacturing

Log Grader

A log grader career could be for you if…
Your skills include active listening, critical thinking and active learning.
Your interests can be described as realistic and conventional.
Your values include support, independence and working conditions.

Career Overview

Log graders and scalers are responsible for inspecting and estimating the value of logs or pulpwood. They work primarily in the outdoors and in locations such as sorting yards, log decks or millponds examining logs for defects and measuring them for volume. They grade the logs and estimate their marketable content. While new technologies such as high-resolution scanners and lasers are becoming the norm in many mills, there are some wood types that benefit from traditional log grading.

Other job titles include: log buyer, log check scaler, log scaler, lumber grader, scaler, timber buyer

Education and Training

Most of these occupations require a high school diploma or equivalent. Knowledge of raw materials, production processes and quality control is critical.


National Average Annual Salary
$27,100.00 - $49,800.00
National Average Hourly Salary
$13.05 - $23.94
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