Heavy Equipment Mechanic

A heavy equipment mechanic career could be for you if…
Your skills include repairing, troubleshooting and operations monitoring.
Your interests can be described as realistic and conventional.
Your values include support, independence and relationships.

Career Overview

Heavy-duty equipment mechanics repair and maintain large machines and heavy-duty equipment. Your day-to-day duties would include adjusting, repairing, and replacing worn and damaged mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical parts on tractors, log loaders, trucks, and other heavy equipment. Heavy-duty mechanics rely on hand and power tools and specialized equipment. As a heavy-duty mechanic, you may specialize in specific types of machinery, such as tracked vehicles, fuel injection systems, power shift transmissions, hydraulics, or electronics.

Other job titles include:
 construction equipment mechanic, equipment mechanic, equipment technician, field mechanic, field service technician, field technician, heavy equipment mechanic, heavy equipment technician, mechanic, mobile heavy equipment mechanic.

Education and Training

Most occupations in this zone require training in vocational schools, related on-the-job experience, or an associate degree.


National Average Annual Salary
$38,950.00 - $80,080.00
National Average Hourly Salary
$18.73 - $38.50
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