Forestry Technician

US Forest Service

Andalusia, AL


$30,015 - $37,696 Salary

Duties listed are at the full performance level (GS-06).

  • Conducts timber cruises and surveys within varying stand conditions to locate and estimate the quantity of timber on a given area, according to species, type, and quality.
  • Estimates volume, defect, and quality of timber in a given area.
  • Measures and defects timber on the ground using maps and written cruise plans provided by an advanced cruiser that explain sampling intensity, plot locations, type of cruise and any special instructions.
  • Under supervision of a professional forester, and using pre-established marking rules, selects and marks trees to be harvested or left uncut.
  • Lays out boundaries of cutting areas as outlined in the NEPA, considering variables such as accessibility, steep slopes, stream protection, nesting tree protection, wildlife impacts, fuels management and regeneration requirements.
  • Marks trees using marking rules in areas complicated by variations in type, species composition, defect, site, age, class, etc. Prepares area maps, marks unit boundaries and occasionally uses GPS to record boundary locations.
  • Is able to follow clear direction given by supervisor or other senior personnel and implement it efficiently, producing high quality outcomes that meet Regional standards.
  • Summarizes cruising and marking data and prepares reports and topographic maps indicating quantity of timber, condition of area, difficulties to be encountered, etc.