Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

Resolute Forest Products

Childersburg, AL


Competitive Salary

Primary Purpose
Lead and manage assigned hourly employees to accomplish needed maintenance repairs associated with the safe, productive and efficient performance of the mill assets. This includes the assessment, revision and possible development of processes and procedures associated with the completion of maintenance work orders.

Duties and Responsibilities

1)  Safety

     A) Active participation in weekly safety meetings, promoting engagement in the safety process, and ensuring the substance of the meetings.

     B) The safety goal is zero incidents and a minimum of 2 LSA’s per week.

     C) Drive crew to identify more near misses. (Each crew member needs to enter 2 near misses/ 6 months)

2) Environmental     

     A) Work with the Planner to schedule and assign critical environmental PM jobs. Verify all paperwork is filled out properly and returned to the Planner to be filed.

     B) Work with crew to insure there are no environmental incidents associated with assigned work.

     C) Be vigilant and report any environmental issues found or reported.

     D) Manage PM Tech’s to improve housekeeping.

3) Team Work

     A) Exhibit excellent cooperation with Planners, Operations Coordinators, and peers.

     B) Be the team leader and direct the proper actions of crew.

4) Crisis Management

     A) Actively participate in process equipment trouble shooting and failure analysis.

     B) Work with Planner to secure parts during emergencies.

5) Quality
     A) Set high standards and expectations with crew to deliver quality work, minimizing rework and improving reliability

     B) Set high priority on quality related work orders.

     C) Hold crew accountable for finishing job and returning work order hard copy with feedback.

     D) Report any repetitive issues to the Reliability Engineers.

     E) Work with crafts people, Planners, and others as needed to improve work procedures.

6) Productivity

     A) Minimize ride-arounds and wasted time.

     B) Hold crews accountable for break times and lunch times.

     C) Recommends and administers disciplinary action when appropriate.

     D) Participates in the hourly hiring process; including making recommendations on which candidates to hire.

     E) Push crew to work until the end of the workday.

     F) Coach crew on leaving the shop prepared to perform scheduled work. (Proper PPE for the assigned job, proper tools for the assigned job, etc.)

     G) Conduct annual performance review of hourly employees.

     H) Evaluates probationary new hire maintenance employees and recommends retention or termination.

7) Planning and Scheduling

     A) Participate in daily maintenance meetings with the Operations Coordinators and Planners.

     B) Run Unplanned Work Order Report for the prior day and review at the maintenance meeting.

     C) Run report for new Work Request for the prior day and review at the maintenance meeting.

     D) Provide shutdown coordination for crew and contractors developing solutions to issues which may arise during the workday.

     E) Schedule a full days’ work for every craftsperson.

8) Housekeeping

     A) Drive crew to maintain shops, vehicles, work areas, etc. in a satisfactory condition.

     B) Perform housekeeping inspections as assigned.

9) General Job Duties

     A) Participate in screening work requests.

     B) Write Work requests as needed.

     C) Perform role in the work request approval routing.

     D) Follow up on emergency work orders in assigned areas. This includes closing those work orders the CMMS system.

     E) Works with Maintenance Planner in determining equipment purchases and vendor selection.

Knowledge and Experience

     * Three (3) or more years supervisory experience in maintenance or a related field

     * Excellent leadership and motivational skills.

     * Excellent skills in written and oral communication.

     * Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to think “outside the box”.

     * Functional use of Microsoft Office and maintenance systems.

     * Highly organized and uses efficient work methods.

     *Demonstrated ability to learn and continue to develop knowledge and skills.